If you haven’t seen this Don Hertzfeldt short film yet. Now’s your chance!

The Ugly Turkey

hand drawn animated short shot on 16mm film at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Deep in the forest lived a group of turkeys. Among them lived the ugly turkey, who didn’t fit in. The other turkeys didn’t like him, and neither did the other animals. The ugly turkey tried to comprehend why he was so hated. He finally decides to stop moping, and starts bettering himself. He becomes the biggest most beautiful turkey in the forest, and soon sees what it’s like to be a beautiful turkey

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the cat came back by Cordell Barker

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Showtime short stories!

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Episode 05

RUNTIME: 01:37

Synopsis: Dan and Sarah dumpster dive for food, and discuss Sarah’s Boss’s indecent proposal


Narrator              Cole Smithey

Sarah       Stephanie Mcmillan

Dan                              Ted Rall

Sarah’s Former Boss   Matt Bors

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